By Matt, 23 June 2013
  Faculty of Engineering  Second year student

Provides a world-class academic programme of high standard rivalling both other and global universities. Facilities very good. Overall better then what many make it out to be as an institution.

The admin staff are often inefficient and unfriendly. Small minority efficient and helpful. Some lecturers are "past their sell by date".

Enjoy university, its a completely new experience. And at UKZN find the names of the right admin contacts ;)

By Namrata Jugwanth, 19 May 2013
  Faculty of Engineering  Graduated in 2012

High calibre of academic teaching staff, great focus on research - postgraduate study encouraged

Frequent strike action which is both disruptive and potentially dangerous, shortage of first language English speaking lecturers within some academic programmes

By Matt, 18 May 2013
  Faculty of Engineering  Current student

Good lecturers to an extent. Multi-cultural learning environment.

Strikes are disruptive

Study hard but enjoy the moment. Find that balance and you will succeed.