By Trusha Dajee, 6 July 2014
  Faculty of Humanities  Graduated in 2011

Exposure to such a broad knowledge of individuals from the students to the lecturers. Excellent facilities, ie: the Library.

Would like a bit of practical exposure to what we are studying.

Work hard from First Year and get involved in the various societies on campus!

By Ndivhuwo, 30 April 2014
  Faculty of Commerce  Second year student

Everything in UCT is cool (except Fedics).

Residence allocation and Fedics is still problem

Exclusion is real, you need to work hard!

By Guest, 11 April 2014
  Faculty of Engineering  First year student

The teaching staff are amazing and very supportive. The facilities are great and maintenance works hard to ensure we receive the best quality.

Catering in residence is poor. And if Jammie shuttles could run through the entire night, especially during test week and exam season.

Prepare to be mindblown but don't forget to study hard :)