About Us

StudentView helps students make better choices. Additionally, it aims to teach students how to study effectively and seamlessly adapt to university life.

The Challenge

  1. Potential university students are faced with choosing universities and degrees without any real-life information about them. Although some information is available about universities and degrees, it is scattered across the internet, disorganized and not tailor-made for a South African context. Without direct access to students who have been to the university or done the degree, potential students have no way to gain real-life, contextual information. Furthermore, if a potential student has a few friends or relatives who may have attended the university or completed the same degree – speaking to a small number of people can lead to misleading conceptions. The averaged out perspectives and insights of a large number of students about a degree or a university is required to gain accurate insights.  The lack of this results in potential students making uninformed career decisions based on incomplete information.
  2. New and current university students do not know what to expect when they arrive at university. Furthermore, many students are still learning how to learn. Not knowing how to learn and not knowing what university life is like can be the difference between graduating or dropping out. Thousands of dropouts could be preventing by ‘bridging’ students before entering university and preparing students for university life before they begin.

The Solution

  1.  StudentView provides university and degree reviews written by students for students. It is also a one-stop academic hub that provides relevant information about each university such as admissions information, important dates, residences and other vital statistics that potential students will find useful. Currently StudentView is taking university reviews from current and past university students, degree reviews will be added soon. Some of the questions that StudentView helps the potential students answer is:
    • Which is the best university for my degree choice, personality and lifestyle? How good are the academics, facilities, social life, diversity and administration/efficiency at the university that I want to go to?
    • What is the degree I’m choosing actually about? How good are the lecturers for this degree at a certain university? What is the course load like and how difficult is the degree in general? What career options will I have after completing the degree?
  2. StudentView’s ‘Before University’ will play a big role in enabling students to quickly adapt to university life and excel while at university. In addition “StudySmart” reveals the best and latest study hacks and techniques that will save students hundreds of hours. These study techniques are backed up by science and have been sourced from numerous resources and experts such as Cal Newport, Tim Ferriss and Scott Young.